ISE Hosts 2nd Annual Career Fair

Over 350 University of Florida students seeking internships and career opportunities attended the second annual Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Career Fair on September 25, 2018. During the 3-hour event, undergraduate and graduate students lined up for one-on-one interviews with 19 companies.

The ISE Career Fair was created to provide an opportunity for students to network with industry recruiters and representatives from some of the best companies in the world. In addition to the University-wide career showcase that took place the same week, the ISE Career Fair allows students the chance to have longer interviews with recruiters that are specifically seeking out industrial engineers, as well as the ability to explore multiple companies. In return, recruiters are able to make connections with some of the brightest ISE students and help them identify future career options.

Since the first official fair in Fall 2017, the event has doubled the number of company sponsors, as well as student attendees. This year, the ISE Career Fair welcomed 10 new companies including Amazon, General Electric, and Optym, among others. Proctor and Gamble, Nielsen, and Voalte were among some of the returning companies.

The ISE Ambassadors, a student organization that focuses on spreading department awareness, organized the event, from engaging with company sponsors to student registration and attendance.

Francesca Fong-Choy and Dori Schrock, the student coordinators for the event, have been planning the fair since May. “We couldn’t have been happier with the results. We took the feedback given to us by last year’s attendees and made sure to connect with more companies from different industries. It was a great opportunity to serve the students and we are excited for the future of the event.”

For more information about the ISE Career Fair or to become a company sponsor, contact