Entrepreneur Deane (BS ’63) Illustrates Limitless Options for Engineers

Randall Deane delivers Gregory Lecture

GAINESVILLE, FL:  Randall Deane (BS IE 1963) delivered the Gregory Lecture, entitled “Unlimited Career Opportunities with an Engineering Degree,” to students in the Sales Engineering Seminar on Tuesday, April 23.  As his career has spanned from engineering and management at DuPont, to running his own consultant and equipment leasing firms, to running his own travel agency and travel advisor training company, and finally, to his own financial planning firm, he spoke on authority when stating that, “I’m thoroughly convinced that an engineering degree is the best education you can get.”  Furthermore, he added, that “every classmate of mine ended up in a career that is not strictly engineering.”

The entrepreneur built connections and a network during a decade at DuPont after graduation from UF.  “Get a mentor and take advantage of everything you possibly can,” said Deane, in relating his experience in working as an assistant to the manufacturing superintendent in Tennessee.  “You can learn a lot from different sources,” he said, including vendors and suppliers.

He also stressed that one should strive to get certified in their fields.  “If you are going to be a professional in your field, you should do everything you can to get these designations and be a professional,” said Deane.  True to his word, Deane is a Professional Engineer, Certified Travel Consultant, Certified Financial Planner, and Registered Investment Advisor.  He currently is the President of Lifetime Financial Services and travels extensively.