Month: January 2013

Senior Design Kicks off Busy Semester with Proposals

GAINESVILLE, FL: All ISE undergraduates must complete a senior design experience, either through the course offered in the Department or through the Integrated Product and Process Design program, in order to graduate. This week, sixty students divided into 15 teams… Read More

Lan and Smith to Study Adaptive Sensors for Navy

A submarine cuts through ocean waters

ARLINGTON, VA:  ISE Professors Cole Smith and Guanghui (George) Lan have received a grant from the Office of Naval Research entitled “Dynamic and Adaptive Sensor Operations Under Uncertainty.”  This project will study the deployment and operational strategy of sensors in… Read More

Pardalos Receives Medal from University of Catania

CATANIA, ITALY:  The University of Catania bestowed the Medal of the University on Dr. Panos Pardalos, Distinguished Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, on Friday, January 11.  The award was in recognition of Dr. Pardalos’ broad contributions in science and… Read More

Machen to Remain as UF President

GAINESVILLE, FL:  Dr. Bernard Machen agreed to postpone his retirement indefinitely and will remain as President of the University of Florida, according to numerous reports including The Chronicle.  The announcement came after the University said it would terminate its current… Read More