Inaugural Procter & Gamble Case Competition Winners Announced

Proctor and gamble competition presentation

GAINESVILLE, FL: Undergraduates Sarah Jamil, Abigail Kaufman, Julian Montoya, and Gerry Zheng were announced as the winning team in the P&G case competition that took place last week. The competition, planned in conjunction with IIE, was to coordinate the launch of a new Swiffer product and its many supply chain components. The winning team even designed a new product, the “Swifty Swiffer”, which were flip-flops containing Swiffer mops on the bottom. The winning  teammates won an interview opportunity with P&G. The runners up were Clayton Weber, Lindsey Snow, Dustin Fontaine, and Abby Mahfood; and Roberto Brik, Yoel Lapscher, Ashley Papagno, and Ian Seabrook.