Dr. Toi to give Seminar on Path Tolls and Information

A Florida toll road

Dr. Siriphong (Toi) Lawphongpanich profile pictureGAINESVILLE, FL: On Thursday, November 29, at 4:05 p.m., Dr. Siriphong (Toi) Lawphongpanich will present a seminar in Florida Gym (FLG) 0245 on his paper about the benefits of utilizing path tolls to induce a target traffic distribution. He argues that since paths are often more numerous than links in a road network, path tolls offer more possibilities and are therefore more flexible. On the other hand, path tolls require motorists to provide or reveal information about their travel routes (or path information) while link tolls generally do not.

He believes that, in theory, the value of path information as measured by the ratio can be infinite, i.e., path tolls can induce a target distribution without collecting any toll.