RMFE Seminar: Adaptive Trading and Longevity

Dr. Ryan Garvey profile picture

GAINESVILLE, FL: Dr. Ryan Garvey, Professor and Chair of Finance at Duquesne University, will deliver the talk “Adaptive Trading and Longevity” in the Financial Engineering Seminar hosted by the Risk Management and Financial Engineering Lab on Monday, September 24 at 4:05 p.m. in Weil Hall room 303. ¬†Dr. Garvey will¬†examine the relationship between trader longevity and trader behavior change in U.S. equity markets. Traders who change how much, what, when, and where they trade often remain active for a longer period of time. Although longer (shorter) duration traders tend to perform better (worse), changes in trading behavior rather than performance is the key determinant of longevity. Overall, our findings suggest that securities traders who are able to adapt and alter how they trade in light of continually changing market conditions are more successful.