Young Alumni Establish Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Dr. Joseph Hartman takes a group photo with alumni

Gainesville, FL:  A number of young alumni surprised Dr. Joseph Hartman, ISE Professor and Chair, with a check for $1500 for student scholarships on Friday, February 3 at a reception being held during the Career Development Symposium.  Alumni Alex Brown (BS ’09), Skye Burnup (BS ’10), Jessica Dosio (BS ’08), Michelle Guadagna (BS ’09), Brett Hariton (BS ’10), Jessica Hinkle (BS ’09), Jon Looke (BS ’09), Natalie Keller (BS ’10), Frank Kraemer (BS ’09, MS ’09), Dan Massey (BS ’08, MS ’10), Lindsey McCoy (BS ’10), Guillermo Moratorio (BS ’08), Greg Puckett (BS ’09), Brendan Robinson (BS ’09) and Jo Smith (BS ’09) contributed the funds.  The funds will be used to honor students that have successfully achieved a work/life balance in that they are successful both in and out of the classroom.  “We want to do this every year,” said Moratorio, “and we want to grow the amount we give.”  The first scholarships will be given this Spring.  The picture features (left to right) Burnup, Keller, Hinkle, Hartman, Moratorio, Kraemer, McCoy and Burnup, who were in attendance.