Graduate Seminar: Integrated Facility Location and Production Planning Problems

GAINESVILLE, FL: Dr. Joseph P. Geunes, Professor and Associate Chair of Industrial and Systems Engineering, will deliver the ISE Graduate Seminar, “Exact Algorithms for Integrated Facility Location and Production Planning Problems,” on Thursday, September 22 at 4:05 p.m.

In this work, we consider a class of facility location problems with a temporal dimension, where we must assign each customer in every time period to a facility and meet the customer’s demand through production and inventory decisions at the facility. We provide exact branch-and-price algorithms for this class of problems, as well as for several relevant extensions.  The pricing problem in this algorithm leads to an interesting class of production planning and order selection problems.  In this pricing problem, we must select a set of orders that maximizes profit, where profit is defined as the total revenue received from selected orders, less the production planning costs incurred in meeting the demand associated with the selected orders.  We provide a polynomial-time dynamic programming algorithm for this problem class, as well as for several extensions of the problem.  Computational testing compares the performance of our branch-and-price algorithm to solutions obtained via commercial software packages and linear approximation methods.

Dr. Geunes received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.  He also serves as Director of the Outreach Engineering Management program.