Research interests

  • Decision-making under uncertainty by developing methods, and algorithms for healthcare systems engineering
  • Methodologies
    1. Mean-Risk Stochastic Integer Programming
    2. Multi-method Simulation (agent-based, discrete-event, systems dynamics)
    3. Machine Learning
  • Applications
    1. Health Policy Models
      1. Hospital Readmissions, Lung Cancer Screening, Healthcare Cost Transparency, Health Insurance Decision-Making
    2. Outpatient and Inpatient Scheduling and Flow
      • Appointment scheduling for chemotherapy, skin cancer, counseling
      • Inpatient discharge planning
    3. Agricultural Labor Trafficking
    4. Flipped Classroom Methods for Generation Z Engineering Students

Research Activity

  1. Co-PI. “The benefits and harms of lung cancer screening in Florida”, Jan 2020-Dec 2023, National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute, R01 Award, PI: Jiang Bian, $1,467,264, (Alvarado $135,957).
  2. “Human trafficking demand reduction strategies through network analytics and simulation modeling”, Jan 2020 – Oct 2020, UF Foundation, Seed Grant, $10,000 (Alvarado: $5,000).
  3. Co-PI. “Transforming the delivery of educational content for generation Z engineering students”, Mar 2020 – Dec 2020, UF Foundation, Seed Grant, PI: Katie Basinger, $10,000 (Alvarado: $5,000).
  4. Co-PI. “Implementation strategies to address social determinants of health and social needs (phase one)”, Dec 2019 – June 2020, UF CTSI, Seed Grant, PI: Betsy Shenkman, $72,690.65 (Alvarado: $16,369).
  5. Personnel – Postdoc. “Benchmarking Study of Point of Use (POU) Systems for VA”, Veteran’s Affairs Center for Applied Systems Engineering (VA-CASE), PI: Mark Lawley (TAMU), July 2017 – Dec 2016, $60,000.
  6. Personnel – Postdoc. “Benchmarking Study of Enterprise Systems for the VA’s Enterprise Supply Chain”, Veteran’s Affairs Center for Applied Systems Engineering (VA-CASE), PI: Mark Lawley (TAMU), Jan 2016 – June 2016, $60,000.
  7. Personnel – Postdoc. “Diabetes Education and Wellness through Faith-Based Organizations in Texas”, PCORI, Tier I, PI: M. Lawley (TAMU), Co-PI: H. Kum (TAMU Health Science), May 2015- Jan 2016, $15,000 (Alvarado: $10,000).
  8. Personnel – Postdoc. “Stakeholder-Driven System Definition of a Smart Diabetes Management System”, Area 41 Challenge Grant via TAMU, PI: M. Lawley (TAMU), 2015-2016, $50,000.

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

For undergraduates looking for summer research experience, please see my current list of project opportunities HERE.