Active Funding

Federal Funding

“Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Electricity Markets,”National Science Foundation, August 2014–July 2017 (Guan)

“Integrating data, algorithms and clinical reasoning for surgical risk assessment,” NIH NIGMS, March 2016–December 2017 (Momcilovic, Pardalos)

“Personalized Large-Scale Queueing Models,” National Science Foundation, May 2014–April 2018 (Momcilovic)

“Chance-Constrained and Robust Optimization for Power Systems with Intermittent Renewable Generation,” National Science Foundation, August 2012 – July 2018 (Guan)

“Modeling and Algorithm Developments for Resource Scheduling”, Andromeda Systems Inc (AFRL), August 2016 – August 2018 (Guan)

“Widely Integrated Risk-averse Optimization of Electrical Systems (WIRES),” Sandia National Labs, , April 2016–September 2018 (Uryasev)

“AFRL Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute”, US Air Force Eglin Base, May 2013 – October 2018 (Boginsky)

“Smart Markets for Black box Capacity Allocation,” National Science Foundation, September 2016–August 2019 (Garcia)

“Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Risk-Averse and Strong Formulation Approaches for Power Generation Scheduling with Renewable Energy Integration,” National Science Foundation, September 2016–August 2019 (Guan)

“Mechanism Design for Complex Systems: A black-box model approach,” Air Force Office of Scientific Research, September 2015–September 2019 (Garcia)

“Spectrum Aggregation Technologies”, Laulima Systems (DOD), October 2017 – September 2019 (Garcia)

“Assured Communication for Cooperative Engagement”, US Air Force Eglin Base, May 2015 – November 2019 (Boginsky)

“Collaborative Research: New Relaxations for Cardinality Constraints”, National Science Foundation, August 2017 – July 2021 (Richard)



“Computational Studies for the Unit Commitment Problem under Uncertainty in the Current Deregulated Energy Market Environmental-Phase III,” Sandia National Labs, June 2016–May 2017 (Guan)

“New Modeling and Solution Paradigms for Transportation,” National Science Foundation, May 2012–April 2017 (Richard)