Room # 282

Reitz Union

686 Museum Road,

University of Florida,

Gainesville, FL  - 32611

Systems and Optimization Aspects of 
Smart Grid Challenges
April 28-30 2011

The promise of a smarter electricity grid could significantly change how consumers use and pay for their electrical power, and could fundamentally change the current Industry. Gaining increasing interest and acceptance, Smart Grid technologies combine power generation and delivery systems with advanced communication systems to help save energy, reduce energy costs and improve reliability. Combined, these technologies enable new approaches for load balancing and power distribution, allowing for optimal runtime power routing and cost management.

Such unprecedented capabilities, however, also present a set of new problems and challenges at the technical and regulatory levels that must be addressed by Industry and the Research Community. The first workshop on “Systems and Optimization Aspects of Smart Grid Challenges” will bring together researchers, scientists and practitioners from related fields to discuss new ideas, solutions, and requirements for Smart Grid technologies.

With a comprehensive program addressing some of the key research topics in the field, the conference will promote an open forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and networking of scientists and engineers. Your participation is very important to help us fully realize the potential of this new and exciting technology.

Conference Organizers

Dr. Panos Pardalos

Distinguished Professor

Dept of Industrial & Systems Engg

University of Florida.

Dr. Marco Carvalho

Research Scientist

Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.

Vijay Pappu

PhD Candidate

Dept of Industrial and Systems Engg

University of Florida.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Himanshu Khurana

Honeywell Technologies.

Title of the talk:

“Application-Driven Design for Resilient Electric Grid Systems”.

Dr. Misha Chertkov

Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Title of the talk:

“Models, Optimization and Control of Collective Phenomena in Power Grids”.

Dr. Zhihua Qu

University of Central Florida.

Title of the talk:

“Power Systems with Distributed Generation: Self Organizing Micro-Grids, Optimization, and Control”.

Dr. Osama Mohammed

Florida International University.

Title of the talk:

“Dynamic Source Commitment Schemes and Wide Area Measurement Systems for AC Distribution Networks Involving Hybrid Renewable Energy Assets for Smart Power Grid Applications”.

Dr. Ganesh K Venayagamoorthy

Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Title of the talk:

“Plug-in Electric Vehicles – Smart Grid Integration and Operations”.

Dr. Mario Rosario Guarracino

Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni.

Title of the talk:

“Online Classification of Data Streams for Sensor Networks”.

Advisory Board

Dr. Tim Anderson

Director of the Florida Energy Systems Consortium

University of Florida

Dr. Sergiy Butenko

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Texas A&M University

Dr. Petar Momcilovic

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida

Dr. Baski Balasundaram

School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Vladimir Boginski

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida

Dr. Steffen Rebennack

Division of Economics and Business

Colorado School of Mines

Neng Fan

D-6 Risk Analysis and Decision Support Systems

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alexey Sorokin

Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida

Dr. Pando Georgiev

Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida