College of Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ravi Ahuja, Professor. Operations research, optimization, heuristic algorithms, supply chain management, network design, and airline scheduling. 352-392-1464 x2004, ahuja@ise.ufl.edu

Elif Akçalı, Associate Professor. Scheduling, semiconductor manufacturing. 352-392-1464 x2005, akcali@ise.ufl.edu

Sherman Bai, Associate Professor. Supply chain management, manufacturing Systems, information Systems technology, electronic commerce, optimal control, game theory, and digital simulation. bai@ise.ufl.edu

Yongpei Guan, Assistant Professor. Supply chain management, optimization, guan@ise.ufl.edu

Joe Geunes, Professor. Supply chain management, production control, and operations research, 352-392-1464 x2012,geunes@ise.ufl.edu

Panos M. Pardalos, Distinguished Professor. Global Optimization, 352-392-1464 x2017, pardalos@cao.ise.ufl.edu

Suleyman Tufekçi, Associate Professor. Manufacturing emulation, manufacturing decision support Systems, operations research, project management, and electronic commerce. 352-392-1464 x2022, tufekci@ise.ufl.edu

College of Business Administration

Information Systems and Operations Management

Hsing Kenneth Cheng, Associate Professor.  Electronic commerce, economics of information Systems, and computer clustering technology. 352-392-7068 chenghk@dale.cba.ufl.edu

Selcuk Erenguc, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Professor. Production planning, project management, manufacturing management, optimization. 352-392-4633 selcuk.erenguc@cba.ufl.edu

Gary J. Koehler, John B. Higdon Eminent Scholar and Professor. Genetic algorithm theory and electronic business areas such as security, intelligent agents and web-based auctions. 352-846-2090 koehler@dale.cba.ufl.edu

Asoo Vakharia, Beall Professor in Supply Chain Management. Coordinating decisions at multiple stages in supply chains; design and control of cellular manufacturing systems; developing strategic and tactical models for call center operations. 352-392-8571 asoov@ufl.edu