About the Doctoral Program

The doctoral program in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida focuses on operations research (linear, integer, nonlinear, and stochastic programming, combinatorial and global optimization, and stochastic processes) with applications in health care, energy, supply chain management, data mining, transportation, financial engineering, security and manufacturing management.

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Faculty Research

The research strengths of the department lie in operations research theory, methodology, and application. The department exhibits a strong emphasis in optimization and algorithmic development, along with data analysis and stochastic modeling.

Much of the department’s applied work is centered around the three centers and labs housed in the department. The Center for Applied Optimization produces research on a wide variety of problems using various optimization and data mining techniques. The Computational and Stochastic Optimization (CSO) lab focuses on solving large-scale stochastic optimization problems generally in supply chain management or energy systems. The RMFE (Risk Management and Financial Engineering) Lab is an international leader in its respective application area.

Funding comes from a variety of sources, including federal sources such as the National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Office of Naval Research, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, National Institute of Health, Veterans Administration Hospital, Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy. State funding sources have included the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of Health.

Financial Aid

Teaching and research assistantships are available from the department, and the Graduate School may provide additional funding for fellowships. The assistantships and fellowships provide funding for tuition and a stipend.

Correspondence and Information

Dr. Jean-Philippe Richard
Ph.D. Coordinator
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
P.O. Box 116595
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-6595
Telephone: 352-294-7713
Email: richard@ise.ufl.edu

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Ready to apply?

When you are ready to apply, remember that the graduate application process involves two offices, the Office of Admissions and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. To apply, click here.

Doctoral admission requirements

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