Shortened OEM Degree Option for UF MBAs

Many students working in technical settings have seen the advantage of getting both an advanced technical degree and an MBA degree.  An option is available to allow graduates of UF’s MBA program to complete the Outreach Engineering Management Program (OEM) in a shortened amount of time and coursework. OEM awards a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with an Engineering Management track. UF MBA graduates may transfer in nine (9) credit hours from the MBA curriculum, with only 21 credit hours of additional coursework required. This coursework is available in a format suitable for working professionals, and can be completed in as little as five (5) semesters. Students must take the 5-course OEM engineering sequence (via one-weekend-per-month class meetings — see below), which provides 17 credit hours, and then choose at least four (4) credit hours of electives. To meet the elective coursework requirement, students can select from a variety of graduate-level engineering courses offered through UF’s EDGE program (see, or can arrange for an independent study class with an ISE faculty mentor. Approval of any elective coursework to be counted toward the degree requirements is necessary prior to registering.

OEM Program Overview:

The OEM Program is a lock step program in which a cohort of technically trained students takes the same courses over a period of twenty months (five semesters) via one-weekend-per-month class sessions.  This setting provides an excellent networking opportunity, and students get to know each other well throughout the program, completing much of the required coursework through team-based assignments.  UF MBA graduates who opt for the shortened degree option will join the cohort, but will ony be required to take the engineering sequence, since they have already completed equivalent business coursework.

The standard OEM curriculum (see is delivered live by University of Florida faculty from Gainesville, with two courses each term, one from the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and one from the Warrington College of Business (but as mentioned above, UF MBA grads do not have to retake the business sequence).  The core of the engineering portion of the curriculum is optimization and statistics.  Complex business systems can be modeled mathematically and the resulting models optimized as aids to informed decision making.  By developing probability and statistics models, managers can manage risk, and monitor and control business processes for maximum effectiveness.  By managing complex logistics functions, manufacturing and service processes can be designed and operated to gain competitive advantage.  The curriculum offers an excellent preparation for a management career in the technical realm, since it combines important technical skills with a solid preparation in business fundamentals.

The outreach version of the engineering management Master’s degree option began in 1996. The flexible one-weekend-per-month format allows working professionals from other geographical areas to commute to classes, which meet in Orlando. The program has more than 700 alumni.


Term Course Course Name Instructor Credits Price*
1. Fall ESI 6314 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research Richard 4 $3,740
2. Spring ESI 6346 Decision Making under Uncertainty Nemati Proon 3 $2,805
3. Summer ESI 6323 Models for Supply Chain Management Akcali 3 $2,805
4. Fall EIN 6176 Advanced Quality Management and Engineering for Business Processes Garcia 3 $2,805
5. Spring EIN 6905 Master’s Project varies 4 $3,740
Transferred MBA coursework  9
(flexible) (varies) Elective coursework varies >4 (varies)
Total Credits Required 30


Admissions Requirements for Shortened Degree Option:

Technical bachelor’s degree
Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Quantitative Management or a similar field.

MBA degree from University of Florida
Eligible candidates must have successfully completed the MBA degree at the University of Florida. Students with an MBA from another institution are not eligible to take advantage of this shortened degree opportunity, but may still be admitted to the standard OEM program.

Work experience
Two years of full-time, professional work experience (or equivalent) is preferred. Exceptions can sometimes be made when the rest of the application is strong. Contact us for a preliminary review of your eligibility ( or 352.392.0928).

Acceptable grades
Acceptable grades during the MBA are required and will be emphasized for admissions purposes. A GPA of 3.0 or higher in the final two years of undergraduate study (including all coursework completed after the first 60 semester hours or the first 90 quarter hours) is also preferred.  Grades in the prerequisite coursework shown above are particularly important. For applicants who fall short of this requirement, exceptions can sometimes be made when the rest of the application is strong. Contact us for a preliminary review of your eligibility ( or 352.392.0928).

Prerequisite coursework
Knowledge of calculus, matrix methods, computer programming, probability and statistics.

Application Procedure:

Students who wish to enroll in the shortened degree option must apply and be admitted. Please follow these OEM Application Instructions for Returning UF Graduate Students, but omit Items 2A, 2B, and 2C.  Please request that the MBA Admissions Office forward copies of your recommendations to the OEM Admissions Office.   Please notify the OEM Program Office ( of your plans to apply as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: The shortened degree option is only offered on a space available basis. Priority in admissions decisions will be given to applicants who will be pursuing the standard 10 course OEM curriculum. If you have questions or would like to discuss this shortened degree option, please contact Patsy Messinger (352.392.0982 or