Application Instructions for Returning UF Graduate Students

The following instructions apply only to applicants who have previously been admitted to and attended a graduate, postbacc, or professional program at the University of Florida (including those who have graduated from that program). Other applicants (including individuals who obtained only a bachelor’s degree from UF) should follow the instructions included on the How to Apply page.

All readmission applicants must meet the current admission requirements. Readmission is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. For complete admissions requirements, please see the Prerequisites page of our site.

  1. Submit the following via US mail or courier service:

Application for Readmission. Please fill out the application form in its entirety and attach a check or money order for $30 made payable to the University of Florida. This fee is non-refundable.  All applicants must submit the requested residency classification information, regardless of residency status. Residency classification does not affect the amount of OEM program fees. Please mail this form and the accompanying application fee to address indicated on the form. Before mailing, please PDF a copy of the completed form to, being sure to retain a copy for your records as well.

2. Request the following additional items (as applicable):

A. Official Academic Transcripts. If you have attended another college, university, or professional school after your most recent enrollment at the University of Florida, please send an official transcript from each institution which you have attended, even if you did not earn a degree there. Please request that the transcript(s) be sent to:

If you have not attended another school since your last enrollment at the University of Florida, it is not necessary to request additional transcripts.

B. Official GRE Score Report. We require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) unless you have already obtained an approved advanced degree (e.g., a master’s or doctoral degree in a technical discipline). If you did not obtain an advanced degree as a result of your previous enrollment at the University of Florida, and you have not already reported GRE scores to the University of Florida, we will require that you submit acceptable scores in order to be admitted.  The GMAT or other similar tests cannot substitute for the GRE. More information about this computer-based test is available online ( or by calling 1-800-GRE CALL (1-800-473-2255). If you have taken the GRE in the past five years, the Education Testing Service can provide us with the official scores upon your request. If you took the GRE more than five years ago, contact the OEM office for other options. Please see the Admissions Requirements page for minimum score requirement information.  The GRE is only one of several factors that are used to determine admission to ISE graduate programs, and is rarely the primary determining factor.

C. Two (or more) Recommendations. These must be completed by someone in a position to assess your ability to succeed in the program. If the recommendations are not completed by a direct supervisor or client, then they should be completed by someone at your most recent job, or a former professor who can objectively evaluate your career progress and leadership qualities. Your recommender may email the recommendation letter directly to the OEM office ( (without CC’ing you, please).

3. Submit the following additional items by email to

A. Statement of Purpose: The essay should include your name, and should address the following topics:

  •  Why you selected the University of Florida and the OEM Program of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.
  •  Which personal qualities best support your success in the OEM Program and your subsequent career.
  •  Describe a position that would be ideal for you after you complete the OEM Program.

B. Résumé.

C. Current Photo. Please submit a current passport-style photo saved in JPEG format. If you are admitted, your photo will be used to create an official student i.d. card, and will be included in a class picture book.