Master’s Projects: Class of 2008

Project Title Mentor
Analysis of ‘Sprint Kaizen’ (SMED) Schaub
Consolidated Logistics Depot Design for the Constellation Program Geunes
Effective Software Testing Strategy Using Cyclomatic Complexity Romeijn
Florida Gas Transmission – Survey Process Analysis Schaub
Housing Prices and Demand – Predictions for the Future On Top of the World Communities, Inc. Sapra
Implementing and Maintaining an Incentive-Based Continuous Improvement Program Schaub
JEA Workforce Readiness:  Challenges posed by the baby-boomer exodus Tosi
Maneuvering Target Track For Fire Control Applications Romeijn
Manufacturing Execution System Implementation at Harris Corporation Sapra
Optimization and Simulation of Lockheed Martin’s SEMAC Department Smith
Optimization of Processes for Metrics Collection and Utilization for Proposals of Circuit Card Design Geunes
Reducing Defects Resulting from Anodize Process at Red Lion Facility Romeijn
ShopperTrak:  Optimizing Disney’s Retail Labor Smith
Structured Data Review Process Schaub
Study of Boeing 787 Sapra
The Effective Relocation of Manufacturing Overseas in Response to the Need for Strategic Changes Romeijn
Use of the Balanced Scorecard to Align Department Goals and Activities with Corporate Vision Support Plan Schaub
VaxMax:  Optimization Tool for Ordering Vaccines Romeijn
X-Ray System Spare Parts Inventory Analysis Smith