Master’s Projects: Class of 2002

Project Title Mentor
A Critical Look at the Integrated Product Team Structure and the Modification Process: A Business Process Improvement Effort Tufekci
A Proposal to Improve the Process of Staff Allocation at Architecture/Engineering Firms Geunes
Advanced Customer Marketing Innovations: Product Locator System Elzinga
Carnot: A Methodology for Mining Profits from Any Process Bai
Chartered Semiconductors: Knowledge Management for Technology Transfer
Computer Software Development:  Process Reengineering for PK Group in Vergys, Inc.-From the Waterfall Process to a
Component-Based Development Process
Creating a Labor Scheduling Tool for Distribution Centers Geunes
Energy Reduction Analysis Patterson
Green Power: Applications and Analyses of Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Resource Elzinga
Improving a Hazardous Materials Tracking System at a Small Commercial Aircraft Rework Facility Elzinga
Improving the 500-Hour Periodic Inspection of the HH-60 Pavehawk Geunes
Information Integration in the Analytical Laboratory for Effective Knowledge Transfer to Enable and Optimize Scientific Research and Development Shen
IT Improvements at H.W. Lochner, Inc. Elzinga
Lean/Flow Manufacturing at ClosetMaid Tufekci
PDM & Paravant: The Struggle to Keep It All and Join the Big Leagues Tufekci
Performance Simulation of a 2nd Tier Relay Network in a Cellular System Bai
Process Improvement for New Service Connection Geunes
Process Improvement: Software Verification and Validation Bai
Product Feature-Based Scheduling and Costing: Developing Customizable Routings through Constraint Programming in Baan IV Geunes
Productivity Improvement Plan for Tampa Land Development Engineering Unit Elzinga
Redesign and Optimization of the Submarine Officer Training Pipeline Geunes
Redesign/Implementation of Web Based Knowledge Base/Newsgroup Bai
Reengineering of a Maintenance Program Tufekci
Reengineering of a Semiconductor: Maintenance Organization Tufekci
Reengineering the Lessons Learned Process Used by the Airframe Division of Argo-Tech Costa Mesa Tufekci
Supply Chain Management at Honeywell International Shen
The Integrated Installation and Configuration Management System Geunes