Master’s Projects: Class of 2001

Project Title Mentor
A Redesign of a Developer Knowledge Base System Tufekci
A Stochastic Approach to the Frequency Assignment Problem Pardalos
A Structured Approach to Spare Parts Deployment Planning for the Support of Communication Networks Geunes
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Three Hearing Aid Manufacturing Systems Geunes
Analytical Program for a Defined Benefit Pension Plan Romeijn
Case Study of Process Change Implementation at Pratt & Whitney Schaub
Constant Process Improvement and the Safety of Flight Operations Schaub
Coordination Improvement and the Benefits of Component Commonality at MWI Corporation Geunes
Cost Analysis of Incorporating Intelligent Modeling and Information Technology into Design Process Tufekci
Cost Minimization of Blosolids Disposal for the Orange Cty. Sand Lake Road Wastewater Treatment Fac. Romeijn
Hydrostatic Bearing Optimization Using a Direct Search Method Romeijn
Improve the Training Process for New Test Engineers at Pratt & Whitney Schaub
Improving the Motorola New Product Transfer Process Geunes
Logistic Regression Analysis for Risk Recidivism Model Schaub
Managing New Business Ventures in Large High Tech Companies: Motorola CGISS Case Schaub
Measurement System Analysis on Mailbox Test Fixtures Bai
On-Line Job Tracking and Design for Manufacturing Feedback in the Product Development Environment Tufekci
Optimizing the Widebody Injection Mold Scheduling Process Romeijn
Process Improvements in the Real Estate Cycle Schaub
Product Data Management, Process Solution Tufekci
Quantitative Definition of SW Organization’s Process Capability Schaub
Rocket Engine Turbopump 2nd Flow & Thrust Balance Anal. & Design Process Definition & Improvement Geunes
Rocket Engine Turbopump Design/Analysis Process Improvement Schaub
SCADA System Inventory Design & Implementation Geunes
The Economics of Open Software Shen