Master’s Projects: Class of 2000

Project Title Mentor
Advancement of the Rapid Rotor Rewind Geunes
An Analysis of How One Company’s Payload Processing Program Might Better Use Performance Measurement to Motivate Individual Behavior Schaub
Analysis of Circuit Card Design to Manufacturing Process Geunes
Analysis of the Uncertainty in the Measured Power Output and Efficiency of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant Romeijn
Applying EVMS Principles to Small Contracts (less than $20 million) Schaub
Assessing the Value of RL10 Rocket Engine Leak Checks During Launch Site Processing Akcali
Autoexec Consulting Services:  A Material Handling and Supply Chain Consulting Firm that Employs Software Optimization, Forecast Modeling, and Process Simulation in Order to Enhance Their System and Software Design Services Geunes
Balanced Scorecard Applied to Performance Management Planning Schaub
Data Architecture Vision for the Constellation Program Sawyer
Delivering Equivalent Units vs. Delivering Products:  The Dilemma between Satisfying the Business Operations Organization AND the Production Organization Geunes
Design, Engineering, & Production Management of Residential Real Estate Developments Sapra
Determining the Thresholds for Inter-Campus Mass Transportation for Community Colleges Smith
Forecasting Asset Utilization and Inventory Optimization in the Harris Test Equipment Center Geunes
Improved Process for Engineering Labor Estimation of Integrated Circuit Design Projects Romeijn
Improving Manufacturing Productivity with “Ready to Work” Packages Akcali
Metrics in Software:  How Metrics Impact the Software Development Life Cycle Schaub
MLI Production Process Improvements at Harris Corporation Geunes
Process Improvement at the NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot Geunes
Process Improvement: Physical Configuration Audit for Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Akcali
Proof of Certification Schaub
Redesign of LSDE New Hire Orientation and Evaluation Process Schaub
Selective Soldering Equipment:   Evaluation, Process Characterization, & Product Qualification Akcali
Small Firm, Growing Pains: Engineering & Water Resources, Inc. Development of a Quality Management Program Geunes
SMT Automated Processes:  Line Balance, Optimization, and Manpower Analysis Romeijn
SRB Hardware Discrepancy Resolution and Certification Process Analysis Schaub
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System:  Rollout of a New Cellular Technology AitSahlia