Journal Publications

Publications in 2016

Gotoh J. and S. Uryasev. Support Vector Machines Based on Convex Risk Functions and General Norms. Annals of Operations Research. Published Online. September 2016, 1-28 (download PDF file).

Huang W.-Q., Zhuang X.-T., Yao, S. and S. Uryasev. A financial network perspective of financial institutions’ systemic risk contributions. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. Vol. 456, 2016, 183–196. (download PDF file).

Davis J.R. and S. Uryasev. Analysis of Tropical Storm Damage using Buffered Probability of Exceedance. Natural Hazards, 2016. (download PDF file).

Mafusalov A. and S. Uryasev. CVaR (Superquantile) Norm: Stochastic Case. European Journal of Operational Research, 249, 2016, 200–208. (download PDF file).

Publications in 2015

Ergashev, B., Pavlikov, K., Uryasev, S., and E. Sekeris. Estimation of Truncated Data Samples in Operational Risk Modeling. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 83(3), 2016, 613–640. (download PDF file).

Gotoh J. and S. Uryasev. Two Pairs of Families of Polyhedral Norms Versus Lp-Norms: Proximity and Applications in Optimization. Mathematical Programming, 2015, April 08, 1-41. (download PDF file).

Publications in 2014

Tsyurmasto, P.,  Zabarankin, M. and S. Uryasev. Value-at-risk Support Vector Machine: Stability to Outliers. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 28(1), 2014, 218–232 (download PDF file).

Pavlikov, K. and S. Uryasev. CVaR Norm and Applications in Optimization. Optimization Letters, 8(7), 2014, 1999–2020. (download PDF file).

Publications in 2013

Veremyev A., Tsyurmasto P., Uryasev S. and R.T. Rockafellar. Calibrating Probability Distributions with Convex-Concave-Convex Functions: Application to CDO Pricing. Computational Management Science, 2013, 1-24. (download PDF file).

Rockafellar R.T. and S. Uryasev. The Fundamental Risk Quadrangle in Risk Management, Optimization, and Statistical Estimation. Surveys in Operations Research and Management Science, 18, 2013. (download PDF file).

Publications in 2012

Chun S.Y., Shapiro A., and S. Uryasev. Conditional Value-at-Risk and Average Value-at-Risk: Estimation and Asymptotics. Operations Research, 60(4), 2012, 739-756. (download PDF file).

Veremyev, A., Tsyurmasto, P., and S. Uryasev. Optimal Structuring of CDO contracts: Optimization Approach. Journal of Credit Risk, 8(4), Winter 2012/13, (133–155). (download PDF file).

Kalinchenko, K., Uryasev, S., and R.T. Rockafellar. Calibrating Risk Preferences with Generalized CAPM Based on Mixed CVaR Deviation. The Journal of Risk (Published Online), 15(1), 2012, 45-70 (download PDF file).

Publications in 2011

Kalinchenko, K., Veremyev, A., Boginski, V., Jeffcoat, D.E. and S. Uryasev. Robust Connectivity Issues in Dynamic Sensor Networks for Area Surveillance under Uncertainty. Pacific Journal of Optimization (Online Journal). 7(2), 2011, 235-248 (Download PDF file or

Krokhmal, P., Zabarankin, M., and S. Uryasev. Modeling and Optimization of Risk. Surveys in Operations Research and Management Science, 16 (2), 2011, 49-66 (download PDF file).

Ait-Sahlia, F. Wang, C-J., Cabrera, V., Uryasev S., and C. Fraisse. Optimal Crop Planting Schedules and Financial Hedging Strategies Under ENSO-based Climate Forecasts. Annals of Operations Research, 2011; published online 2009 (download PDF file).

Ryabchenko, V. and S. Uryasev. Pricing Energy Derivatives by Linear Programming: Tolling Agreement Contracts. Journal of Computational Finance. Vol 14, No. 3, Spring 2011 (download PDF_file).

Publications in 2010

Uryasev, S., Theiler, U. and G. Serraino. Risk Return Optimization with Different Risk Aggregation Strategies. Journal of Risk Finance. Vol. 11, No. 2, 2010, 129-146 (download PDF file).

Publications in 2009

Boyko, N., Turko T., Boginski, V., Jeffcoat D.E., Uryasev, S., Zrazhevsky, G., and P. Pardalos. Robust Multi-Sensor Scheduling for Multi-Site Surveillance. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization. Published online December 2009 (download PDF file).

Sorokin, A., Boyko, N., Boginski, V., Uryasev, S., and P. Pardalos. Mathematical Programming Techniques for Sensor Networks. Algorithms, No. 2, 2009, 565-581 (download PDF file).

Richard L. Francis and Timothy J. Lowe. Tradeoff Analysis of Cost and Aggregation Error for Some Location Models. Studies in Locational Analysis, 17:3-27, 2009.

S. Agrali and J. Geunes. Solving Knapsack Problems with S-Curve Return Functions. European Journal of Operational Research, 193:605-615, 2009.

A.K. Andreas and J.C. Smith. Decomposition Algorithms for the Design of a Non-simultaneous Capacitated Evacuation Tree Network. Networks, 53(2):91-103, 2009.

I.S. Bakal and J. Geunes. Order Timing Strategies in a Single-Supplier, Multi-Retailer System. Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Production Research, 2009.

I.S. Bakal and J. Geunes. Analysis of Order Timing Tradeoffs in Multi-Retailer Supply Systems. International Journal of Production Research, 47(11):2841-2863, 2009.

A. Chinchuluun, E. Rentsen, and P. Pardalos. A Novel Approach for Nonconvex Optimal Control Problems.Optimization, 58(5-6), 2009.

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J. Geunes, Y. Merzifonluo lu, and H.E. Romeijn. Capacitated Procurement Planning with Price-Sensitive Demand and General Concave Revenue Functions. European Journal of Operational Research, 194(2):390-405, 2009.

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P. Krokhmal and P. Pardalos. Random Assignment Problems. European Journal of Operational Research, 194(1):1-17, 2009.

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Publications in 2008

R.K. Ahuja and D.S. Hochbaum. Solving Linear Cost Dynamic Lot Sizing Problems in O(n log n) Time.Operations Research, 56:255-261, 2008.

R.K. Ahuja, K.C. Jha, and G. Sahin. New Approaches for Solving the Block-Totrain Assignment Problem.Networks, 51(1):48-62, 2008.

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