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The Senior Design Project culminates the student’s educational experience at the University of Florida. Teams of 3-5 ISE seniors solve a problem defined by the client (company sponsor) over a 15-week semester. The project is offered each semester, as students graduate throughout the year.

Who has been a sponsor?

Since the Summer of 2008, each project has been sponsored by a company or non-profit entity. The instructor is responsible, with the sponsor, for setting the expectations and scope of the project, while the sponsor is responsible for providing the necessary resources and data to complete the project. Note that nearly all of these entities have hired ISE students from UF.

The following companies have sponsored projects:



Our non-profit sponsors have included:



What do sponsors get?

From the over 50 projects completed since its inception, the sponsors, in addition to having exposure to our students for recruiting, have benefited in a number of ways. A sampling from the previous semesters includes:

  • Line balancing and material handling recommendations that reduced cycle time by 19%, increasing output by 17.5%.
  • Redesign of a production line to increase utilized floor space by 45%, reduce changeovers to four minutes each and allow for a second shift.
  • New inventory reorder policies leading to a 40% reduction in warehouse space estimated to save over $60,000 annually in damage and obsolescence and $40,000 annually in ordering costs.
  • Freight assignment and routing redesign resulting in weekly reductions in miles between 2.5% and 10.5% from current practice.
  • Facilities and process redesign with 1.2-year payback period in order to decrease cycle time by 85%.
  • New picking operations and routing resulting in 7% increase in orders picked and 14% reduction in driving time.
  • Development and delivery of a Total Preventative Maintenance system (including a decision support system and implementation manual) to a facility utilizing actual equipment.

In general, most projects involve the analysis and improvement of a current process. The benefits include reduced costs and increased throughput, along with numerous other benefits, including reduced energy and water usage. Deliverables include reports with recommendations, simulations, algorithms and decision support systems. Donations support all project costs (travel, etc.) and educational support.

What do students learn?

The purpose of this course is to give students skills in carrying out a project for a designated client, just as practicing engineers. Problems cover any topic of relevance to industrial and systems engineering (i.e., lean manufacturing, supply chain management, transportation optimization, facilities layout, economic analysis, data mining, process improvement, inventory analysis, production control, etc.). Students also acquire additional experience in giving presentations and technical writing.

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