I have had the good fortune to work with a number of students. Both current students and previous graduates are listed here with their dissertation and/or thesis topic.

Ph.D. Students

  • Tianyi Pan (Summer 2016), “New Algorithms for Vehicle Routing”
  • Xueqi He (Summer 2015), “ Solving Integer Knapsack Problems with Integer and Dynamic Programming”
  • Kun Zhao (Summer 2014), “ Solving 0-1 Knapsack Problems with Integer and Dynamic Programming”

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Tianke Feng, Summer 2012, “Dynamic and Stochastic Cargo Loading,” currently with Disney
  • Clay Koschnick, Summer 2012, “Designing Performance Guarantee Contracts,” currently with the U.S. Air Force
  • Chin Hon Tan, Spring 2012, “Markov Decision Analysis with Uncertain Information,” currently with National University of Singapore
  • I. Esra Buyuktahtakin, Summer 2009, “Mixed Integer Programming Approaches to Lot-Sizing and Asset Replacement Models”, currently with Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
  • Kamonkan Laksana, Summer 2007, “Pricing Extended Warranties”, currently with DTAC, Thailand
  • Pinar Keles, Summer 2007, “Evaluating Portfolios of Multistage R&D Investment Projects”, currently with Air Products Corporation
  • Jennifer Rogers, Spring 2005, “Equipment Replacement under Technological Change”, currently with Bristol Meyers Squibb, New Jersey
  • Thomas Perry, Fall 2004, “Order Acceptance in Manufacturing Settings”, currently with LSI Logic
  • Jinlong Ban, Fall 2003, “The Series-Parallel Replacement Problem”, currently with Health Products Research
  • Shangyuan Luo, Fall 2003, “Generalized Parallel Replacement Analysis”, currently with Sentient Jet
  • Peter Huegler, Spring 2003, “Steel Slab Cutting Stock Problem”, currently with Lock Haven University
  • Peiling Wu, Spring 2001, “An Integrated Fleet Sizing Model and Two-Phase Solution Approach”, currently with GM Research

M.S. Graduates

  • Adrienne Appello, Spring 1999, currently with Intel
  • Molly Clarke, Fall 2001, currently with Alpen, Inc.
  • Lisa Dipsingh, Fall 2006, currently with IBM Business Consulting
  • Nilay Donmez, Spring 2000, currently with American Express
  • Matthew Galati, Fall 1999, currently in Ph.D. program
  • Gauruv Galati, Fall 2006, currently in Lehigh Ph.D. program
  • Abhishek Jha, Fall 2000, currently with Avadhi Finance and Technology
  • Pinar Keles, Fall, 2003, currently with Air Products
  • Vahap (Akin) Kisakurek, Fall 2002, currently with Procter and Gamble
  • Alison Kulp, Spring 2003, currently with Productivity Management Consultants
  • Tim McGeary, Spring 2006, currently with Lehigh University Library Services
  • Vishvesh Oza, Spring 1998, currently with Schneider Logistics
  • Ingrid Schafrik, Spring 2003, currently with Norfolk Southern
  • Kapil Tayal, Spring 2003, currently with State Farm Insurance
  • Gretchen Trump (with R. Berger), Fall, 2005, currently with Air Products
  • Nicholas Umoh, Spring 2003
  • Shalu Wadhwa, Fall 2000, currently with American Express
  • Hui Wang, Fall 2000, currently with Bank One

Undergraduate Theses

  • Kelli Frazier, Spring 2010, currently with Nielsen
  • Martha Rodriquez, Spring 2009, currently with Harris
  • Scott Hall, Spring 2009, currently with Disney
  • Jessica Hinkle, Spring 2009, currently with Harris
  • Gregory Puckett, Spring 2009, currently with Intel
  • Ipek Ozkanoglu, Spring 2007, currently with Navigant Consulting
  • Emily Jarina, Spring 2006, currently with Disney
  • Amanda Jasinowski, Spring 2006, currently with IBM Business Consulting
  • Alison Murphy, Fall 2002, currently with ICG Commerce
  • Anthony Hillman, Spring 2001, currently with marketRX