Guanghui Lan, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009

Guanghui (George) Lan serves as a tenured Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida.  His research and teaching interests lie in theory, algorithms and applications of stochastic optimization and nonlinear programming.  Most of his current research concerns the design of efficient algorithms with strong theoretical performance guarantees and superior practical performance for solving challenging optimization problems. Dr. Lan is actively pursuing the application of stochastic and nonlinear optimization models/algorithms in large-scale data analysis, including machine learning, image processing and simulation input/output analysis.

Dr. Lan serves as the associate editor for Computational Optimization and Applications (May 2014 – present).

Current Courses

  • ESI 4523 Industrial Systems Simulation
  • ESI 6529 Digital Simulation Techniques
  • ESI 6429 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization