FAQ for Current Master’s Students

Can I take undergraduate courses and apply them towards my Master’s degree?

The graduate school allows graduate students to apply up to 6 credits of undergraduate work towards a graduate degree, provided that these credits are at the 3000 level or above, and are taken outside the major department (you cannot count ISE undergraduate courses).

Does the seminar course ESI 6918 apply to my 30 required credits (32 if doing thesis) for graduation?

No, unfortunately it does not.

Is there a limit on the number of ESI 6912 and EIN 6905 credits I can take?

Yes, you are limited to no more than 8 credits of ESI 6912 and no more than 9 credits of EIN 6905.

I have taken all of my required courses. Are there any constraints on the remaining courses I will take to fulfill my degree requirements?

After fulfilling all of the required courses, the student has a good deal of flexibility in choosing additional courses toward the 30 credit requirement (32 for thesis students). By this time the student should have named an adviser and should work with the adviser to choose proper courses for their degree. One important requirement that must be followed is that at least half of all credits counted toward the degree must be in the ISE department (i.e., EIN or ESI courses).

I plan to do a thesis. How many committee members do I need?

A Master’s degree with thesis requires at least two committee members and does not require a committee member from an outside department.

I am an International student. Can I drop a course in the middle of a semester?

International students are required to take at least 9 credits in a fall or spring semester and at least 2 credits in summer (rules may be different for students on assistantship). You can not drop below these limits or you may lose your visa status. You may be able to drop a course, but will likely need to add another course to maintain the minimum number of credits for International students.

Does ESI 6905 Analytical Methods in ISE apply to my 30 required credits (32 if doing thesis) for graduation?

No, it does not.