Engineering Management Option

Please note that the details below are for the on-campus option. For those interested in our Outreach Engineering Management Program, please see the program’s homepage.

Engineering management is concerned with the design, improvement, and management of integrated systems of people, materials, equipment, and money. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, social, and management sciences, together with the principles and the methods of engineering analysis and design, to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems.

The engineering management option is designed to equip the student with a foundation of knowledge to deal intelligently and responsibly with present and future engineering management problems. The program is intended to (a) develop proficiency and depth of understanding in the functional areas of engineering management, (b) extend quantitative analysis capability by strengthening and extending the mathematical and statistical base of the individual, (c) provide a familiarization with operations research techniques and methodologies, and (d) provide education in appropriate methods of research.

Due to limited capacity in several required courses in this option, this option is only available to students that enter the Master’s degree program in the fall semester, and if advance admission to this option is granted by July 1st. Students that are admitted to the Master’s degree program and who have indicated their desire to pursue this option will be asked in late May to confirm that they will indeed attend the University of Florida. Those confirming by July 1st are considered to be committed to the Engineering Management option, and will be pre-registered in the required business school courses. Those not confirming by July 1st are assumed to have declined acceptance to this option and will not be able to enroll in the required business school courses upon arrival. However, these students are still eligible to enroll as students in the ISE Master’s degree program in other options.

This option has the following requirements (in addition to the general requirements):

  • ACG 5005 Financial Accounting
  • ACG 5075 Managerial Accounting
  • MAN 5246 Organizational Behavior 1
  • FIN 5437 Finance I
  • FIN 5439 Finance II

These classes, plus the required courses ESI 6321 (3 credits) and ESI 6314 (4 credits) total 17 total credits in required classes. The remaining 13 credits are electives, keeping in mind the general Master’s requirements (e.g., at least 15 hours from ISE, and the project course requirement).