BS/MSF Combined Degree Program


The BS ISE/MS Finance (MSF) combined degree program allows students to begin completing requirements for an MSF degree while pursuing their BS ISE. From the following list, BS ISE/MSF students may select a combination of 12 graduate level credits that will be used to satisfy requirements of both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. The courses are taken one time, paid for one time, and counted towards two different degrees.


Though ISE students may take more than 12 graduate level credits before completing the undergraduate degree, only 12 graduate credits used for the undergraduate degree may be transferred to the MSF. The 12 may not come from splitting a course credits. 4+3+3+3 graduate credits will only result in 10 graduate credits transferring to the graduate degree, since adding the other 3 credit course makes the total one too many. In addition to the shared combined degree credits, students accepted to the BS ISE/MSF combined degree program may take 6 graduate level FIN credits, while still working towards the undergraduate degree. These six credits will not be used to satisfy any undergraduate degree requirements. They will be stored and eventually applied to the MSF degree. BS ISE/ MSF students may find it helpful to incorporate the Business Administration Minor into their undergraduate studies as early as their undergraduate advisor allows. See Minor requirements on, If the choice is made not to include the business minor, then the student is highly encouraged to add FIN3403: Business Finance to their undergraduate studies. The course prepares students for the vocabulary and financial calculations needed in the MSF FIN courses. Students unable to take FIN3403 will need to self-study to prepare for MSF FIN courses.

An undergraduate student in the combined program must satisfy all prerequisite requirements of an undergraduate course in order to take its graduate substitute.

Graduate Level Substitution Undergraduate Course

EIN6905: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISE ESI4357: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISE
ESI6529: Digital Simulation Techniques ESI4523: Industrial Systems Simulation
STA5328: Fundamentals of Statistics Theory STA4322: Introduction to Statistics Theory
ESI6355: Decision Support Systems for ISE ESI4356: Decision Support Systems for ISE
STA5325: Fundamentals of Probability STA4321: Intro to Probability


Students interested in the BS ISE/ MSF combined degree program, should contact the MSF Program early, , to attend an MSF combined degree information session. Early planning is necessary, as FIN courses should be started while there are still two academic years remaining.

Before students may be approved for registration in courses to be used towards the MSF degree, the MSF Program must receive the following materials, and the student must interview for selection in the program:

Two recommendations
Statement of Purpose

Undergraduate level credits (<5000 level) may not be applied to the MSF degree.