Integrated Simulation and Mean-Risk Stochastic Integer Programming

Developing methods for integrating multi-method simulation models with mean-risk stochastic integer programming models. Applications include oncology clinic scheduling and inpatient discharge planning.

Financial Engineering of Health Policy Models for Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Developing game theoretic penalty/incentive models and simulation models that aim to reduce 30-day hospital readmissions through the analysis of health policy strategies.

Outpatient and Inpatient Scheduling and Flow

Designing new models, methods, algorithms, and tools for outpatient and inpatient scheduling using simulation and mean-risk stochastic programming.

Remote Health Monitoring of Chronic Diseases

Studying how patients with diabetes manage their disease through multi-dimensional resource access, diabetes education, and remote health monitoring.

Analysis of a Queueing System with Degrading Server Networks

Using Markov decision process models to analyze degrading server networks for server maintenance and replacement. Applications include health care systems.


Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

For undergraduates looking for summer research experience, please see my current list of project opportunities HERE.