Faculty and Staff


testDavid Kaber, Department Chair & Dean's Leadership Professor
Texas Tech University, 1996
Cognitive engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors in systems design and engineering, human performance modeling, occupational ergonomics, occupational safety engineering, and system safety engineering
Weil 303; (352) 294-7700

testElif Akçalı, Associate Chair & Associate Professor
Purdue University, 2001
Production planning and control; discrete and heuristic optimization; semiconductor manufacturing; spare parts management
Weil 302; (352) 294-7726

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Michelle Alvarado, Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University, 2014
Integrated simulation and mean-risk stochastic integer programming with applications in healthcare systems operations improvement and health policy modeling
Weil 474: (352) 294-7731

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test Katie Basinger, Lecturer
North Carolina State University, 2018
Implementing project based learning (PBL) into traditional engineering curriculum and courses. PBL prepares students for their professional careers by effectively allowing them to use the technical skills gained during the course to identify a problem, develop and solution, and implement their ideas. PBL is also imperative for training student in product development and manufacturing careers.
Weil 417; (352) 294-7730

testWayne Giang, Assistant Professor
University of Toronto, 2018
Emerging technologies in safety critical systems; Decision support; Interface design; Prehospital Emergency Care; Surface Transportation
Weil 479; (352) 294-7729

Yongpei Guan, Professor
Director, Graduate Program
Director, Computational and Stochastic Optimization Lab
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005
Stochastic and Discrete Optimization; Power System Operations and Electricity Energy Markets; Supply Chain Management
Weil 413; (352) 294-7721


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testBoyi Hu, Assistant Professor
West Virginia University, 2016
Ergonomics and Safety; Occupational Biomechanics; Work related injury and musculoskeletal disorder prevention; Human motion analysis and activity recognition
Weil 472; (352) 294-7701

Serdar Kırlı, Master Lecturer
Director, Undergraduate Program
University of Florida, 1999
Software engineering; internet technologies, real-time control, industrial applications of microcontrollers.
Weil 302B; (352) 294-7703

McKenzie Landrum, Lecturer

MS - University of Florida – 2017
Engineering Management, Quality, Decision Support Systems, and Manufacturing and Production Planning
415 Weil Hall; (352) 294-7732
Hongcheng Liu, Assistant Professor
Pennsylvania State University, 2015
Data-driven optimization; High-dimensional learning; medical decision-making; Traffic modeling and optimization
Weil 478; (352) 294-7728

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Panos M. Pardalos, Distinguished Professor, Paul and Heidi Brown Preeminent Professor
Director, Center for Applied Optimization
University of Minnesota, 1985
Global optimization; integer programming and graph algorithms; complexity; parallel computing; optimization software.
Weil 401A; (352) 294-7718

INFORMS Fellow, AAAS Fellow, AIMBE Fellow, EURO Gold Medal

Research Highlights
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Maciej Rysz, Research Assistant Professor
University of Iowa, 2014


Ehsan Salimi, Lecturer
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015
Data-driven decision analysis, computational geometry, discrete event systems
Weil 378; (352) 294-7727

Süleyman Tüfekçi, Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977
Integrated product/process design; manufacturing systems; decision support systems; production planning; emergency management and engineering.
Weil 468; (352) 294-7725

Stan Uryasev, Professor, George and Rolande Willis Professor
Director, Risk Management and Financial Engineering (RMFE) Lab
Institute of Cybernetics (Kiev), 1982
Operations research; optimization of large stochastic systems, risk management, Financial Engineering (portfolio optimization, ALM, credit risk, trading strategies), and military applications.
Weil 446; (352) 294-7723

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test Xiang Zhong, Assistant Professor
Wisconsin-Madison, 2016
Stochastic modeling and control in healthcare and service systems, Data analytics in healthcare
Weil 482; (352) 294-7716


Affiliated Faculty

Roshi Mohammadivojdan, Adjunct Lecturer
Weil 450
Roque Perez-Velez, Adjunct Lecturer
Weil 415A
(352) 294-7732

Courtesy Faculty

Vladimir Bugera, Courtesy Research Associate
George Lan, Courtesy Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009
Theory, algorithms and applications of stochastic and nonlinear optimization
R. Tyrrell Rockafellar, Adjunct Research Professor
Jean-Philippe Richard, Courtesy Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002
Operations Research; Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming Theory and Applications; Polyhedral Theory; Algorithms.

Emeriti Faculty

James F. Burns,
Professor Emeritus

Barney L. Capehart,
Professor Emeritus

Kenneth E. Dominiak,
Retired Associate Engineer

D. Jack Elzinga,
Professor Emeritus

Richard L. Francis
Professor Emeritus

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Robert T. Sorkin,
Professor Emeritus

John F. Mahoney,
Professor Emeritus
Ravindra Ahuja,
Professor Emeritus



Diego Alvarado
Undergraduate Advisor
(352) 294-0451
Weil 380
Jacqueline Lee
Undergraduate Advisor
(352) 294-7710
Weil 368
Tabitha Vonesh
Assistant - Advising
(352) 294-7711
Weil 371
Lorraine White
Graduate Advisor
(352) 294-7712
Weil 371A


Ally Harris
ISE Main Office Assistant
(352) 294-7705
Weil 303
Tori Bryan
Marketing & Communications Specialist
(352) 294-7709
Weil 303
Sara Pons
Chair’s Secretary
(352) 294-7704
Weil 303
Laura Studstill
Office Manager
(352) 294-7706
Weil 303A
Matthew Walters
Assistant Director, Administrative Services
(352) 294-7708
Weil 304


Jackie Lavinder
Academic Assistant II
(352) 392 0928
Weil 305
Patsy Messinger
Associate Director
(352) 392 0982