Faculty and Staff


Ravindra K. Ahuja, Professor
IIT Kanpur, 1982
Network and combinatorial optimization; linear and integer programming; routing and scheduling heuristic optimization.
Weil 474


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testElif Akçali, Associate Professor
Purdue University, 2001
Production planning and control; discrete and heuristic optimization; semiconductor manufacturing; spare parts management.
Weil 302; (352) 294-7726

Sherman X. Bai, Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991
Manufacturing systems; real-time scheduling; optimal control/optimization; dynamic game models; digital simulation; supply chain management; information systems technology.
Weil 478; (352) 294-7728

Alfredo Garcia, Professor
University of Michigan, 1997
Optimization and Control of Multi-Agent Systems, Mechanism design with applications to electricity and communication networks, and Dynamic games.
Weil 303; (352) 294-7708

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Yongpei Guan, Professor
Director, Computational and Stochastic Optimization Lab
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005
Stochastic and Discrete Optimization; Power System Operations and Electricity Energy Markets; Supply Chain Management
Weil 413; (352) 294-7721


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Serdar Kirli, Master Lecturer
Undergraduate Coordinator
University of Florida, 1999
Software engineering; internet technologies, real-time control, industrial applications of microcontrollers.
Weil 302B; (352) 294-7703

Petar Momcilovic, Associate Professor
M.S. Program Coordinator
Columbia University, 2003
Applied Probability, Service Engineering
WEIL 479; (352) 294-7729


Panos M. Pardalos, Distinguished Professor, Paul and Heidi Brown Preeminent Professor
Director, Center for Applied Optimization
University of Minnesota, 1985
Global optimization; integer programming and graph algorithms; complexity; parallel computing; optimization software.
Weil 401A; (352) 294-7718

INFORMS Fellow, AAAS Fellow, AIMBE Fellow, EURO Gold Medal

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Jean Philippe Richard, Professor
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002
Operations Research; Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming Theory and Applications; Polyhedral Theory; Algorithms.
Weil 372; (352) 294-7713


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Suleyman Tufekçi, Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977
Integrated product/process design; manufacturing systems; decision support systems; production planning; emergency management and engineering.
Weil 468;(352) 294-7725

Stanislav Uryasev, George and Rolande Willis Professor
Director, Risk Management and Financial Engineering (RMFE) Lab
Institute of Cybernetics (Kiev), 1982
Operations research; optimization of large stochastic systems, risk management, Financial Engineering (portfolio optimization, ALM, credit risk, trading strategies), and military applications.
Weil 446; (352) 294-7723

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Affiliated Faculty

Konstantinos Gakis, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Weil Hall room 401c
Sojung Kim, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Weil Hall room 474
George Lan, Courtesy Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009
Theory, algorithms and applications of stochastic and nonlinear optimization
J. Vladamir Boginski, Courtesy Professor
University of Florida, 2005
Systems Engineering; Mathematical Modeling of Complex Networks; Operations Research/Optimization; Robustness/resiliency characteristics of networked systems in adverse/uncertain environments; Large-scale random graph models and related asymptotic phase transition problems; Data mining techniques.
Joseph C. Hartman, Courtesy Professor
Engineering Economic Decision Analysis; Transportation Logistics; Manufacturing Logistics;
J. Cole Smith, Courtesy Professor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2000
Integer programming and combinatorial optimization, network flows and facility location, heuristic and computational optimization methods, large-scale optimization due to uncertainty or robustness considerations.

Emeriti Faculty

James F. Burns,
Professor Emeritus

Weil 487
Barney L. Capehart,
Professor Emeritus

Weil 377
Kenneth E. Dominiak,
Retired Associate Engineer

D. Jack Elzinga,
Professor Emeritus

Richard L. Francis
Professor Emeritus

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Donald W. Hearn,
Professor Emeritus

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Weil 301, (352) 294-7727

Siriphong (Toi) Lawphongpanich,
Professor Emeritus
John F. Mahoney,
Professor Emeritus
Robert T. Sorkin,
Professor Emeritus


Kelley Gentry
Fiscal Officer

(352) 294-7709
Weil 303

Deborah Habora
Program Assistant

(352) 294-7705
Weil 303

Lorraine White
Graduate Academic Support Services

(352) 294-7712
Weil 371A

Heather Nemeth
Undergraduate Academic Support Services

(352) 294-7710
Weil 368

Tammi Gibson
Program Assistant, OEM

(352) 392 0928
Weil 471
Kelly Harvey
Development Officer

(352) 392 6795
Weil 330
Patsy Messinger
Associate Director, OEM

(352) 392 0982
Weil 471A
Sara H. Pons
Program Assistant

(352) 294-7704
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Andrew Hernandez
Graduate Assistant, Advising Office

(352) 294-7711
Weil 371
Laura Studstill
Office Manager

(352) 294-7706
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