SACS Accreditation

Below is a list of courses along with the required scorecards.


Required Scorecards

ESI 6314: Deterministic Methods in Operations Research (M.S., M.E.) ESI 6912: Fundamentals of Mathematical Programming (Ph.D.) SACS Scorecard: Outcome A
ESI 6321: Applied Probability Methods in Engineering (M.S., M.E.)
ESI 6546: Stochastic Modeling and Analysis (Ph.D.) 
SACS Scorecard: Outcome A
ESI 6553: Systems Design SACS Scorecard: Outcome B 
ESI 6470: Principles of Manufacturing Systems
ESI 6529 Digital Simulation Techniques
ESI 6355 Decision Support Systems for ISE
ESI 6552 Systems Architecture
ESI 6553 Systems Design
ESI 6555 Systems Management
EIN 6912 Web-Based Decision Support Systems
EIN 6905 Special Problems
SACS Scorecard: Outcome C
Project Final Report Rubric
Project Final Presentation Rubric