Our undergraduate program is quite unique, because we not only stress quantitative and analytical skills that will be required for the next generation of industrial and systems engineers, but also because we have experience in integrating practical issues that make our engineering graduates among the most sought after by employees after graduation. A B.S. graduate in our ISE program will be rigorously prepared to tackle problems in areas such as analytics, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management.  What sets us apart is the attention given to implementation skills, including decision support systems that take our quantitative methods from the theoretical domain to the software used by modern decision makers.  Furthermore, our graduates are trained in auxiliary skills that prepare them very well for a career in industry:  Students hone their presentation, teaming, business skills through project courses and a senior design project, and there exist even more opportunities for students to pursue a sales engineering or business minor. Gator ISEs have the rare — and extraordinarily marketable — toolset that allows them to recognize and understand a problem, develop an analytical approach, and implement a decision-support system that will is ultimately used by the client.

Our Masters programs are healthier than ever, with students from all over the world pursuing degrees that cover operations research, manufacturing systems, logistics, and engineering management. The Outreach Engineering Management (OEM) program, under the guidance of Patsy Messinger, is enjoying record enrollments with students from across Florida and the nation.

Our Ph.D. program has grown steadily over the years, coinciding with strong growth in research. The Department enjoys a strong reputation in applied optimization (led by the Center for Applied Optimization (CAO) and director Panos Pardolos), whether the application is in telecommunications, military, or medicine; supply chain and logistics (led by the Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering (SCaLE) Center and co-directors Ravi Ahuja and Joseph Geunes); transportation (led by partnerships with the Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation and Toi Lawphongpanich); and financial engineering (led by the Risk Management and Financial Engineering (RMFE) Lab and director Stan Uryasev).

In the last decade, our department has pioneered research into many of the important problems facing our country, and the state of Florida in particular:  Healthcare, energy systems, and security. Panos Pardalos has worked with Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease detection, Ravi Ahuja, J.P. Richard and I have worked on radiation therapy treatment, Elif Akcali has worked on hospital capacity planning, and Petar Momcilovic is examining methods to reduce wait times in emergency rooms. In energy systems, Yongpei Guan is researching on capacity planning and power routing issues with energy networks through his Computational and Stochastic Optimization Lab.  George Lan is looking at optimizing solutions in biofuels and bioenergy systems.  In the area of security, Vladimir Boginski, J.P. Richard, and I are investigating the design of robust networks that can withstand intentional or accidental failures. Dr. Boginski runs the Defense Oriented Operations Research Lab at our REEF facility in the Florida Panhandle.

We are very genuinely proud of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and invite you to come explore our program in more detail. If you are a potential student or collaborator, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. If you are an alumnus, please come by and say hello on your next visit, or drop a line to let us know what you are doing.