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Call for Papers

This conference focuses on several aspects of Smart Grids. The conference will be an excellent opportunity for participants to discuss the state-of-the-art research regarding smart grid challenges. In the context of this conference, Smart Grid challenges include all open research and engineering questions associated with Supply-Side, Demand-Side, Transmission and Distribution Technologies. In particular, the conference focuses on Resource Management and Optimization Aspects of such challenges, as well as new approaches to Infrastructure Management and System Resilience.

Topics include:

  1. 1. Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems and Smart Grids

  2. 2. Smart Grid management and control

  3. 3. Cyber Security challenges in Smart Grids

  4. 4. Blackout Detection and Mitigation in Smart Grids

  5. 5. Smart Grid security and resilience including intrusion detection, communication security and vulnerability analysis.

  6. 6. Resilient Architectures and Communication Systems for Smart Grids

  7. 7. Energy-Efficient communications for Smart Grids

  8. 8. Scalable Infrastructure for Smart Grids

  9. 9. Innovations in Smart Grids

  10. 10. Smart Grid Technologies

  11. 11. Smart Grids and Social Infrastructure Challenges

  12. 12. Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems

  13. 13. Smart Grid Applications

  14. 14. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems(EMS) in Smart Grid Technologies.

  15. 15. Optimization and Coordination Strategies for Smart Grids and Microgrid technologies.

  16. 16. Smart Grid Standards and Regulatory Challenges.

  17. 17. Communications and control in Energy Systems and Microgrids.

  18. 18. Impact of Smart Grid Technologies on Distributed Energy Systems.

  19. 19. Smart Energy Demand mechanisms like smart meters, dynamic pricing, smart thermostats etc.

  20. 20. Power and Energy System Applications (generation, transmission, distribution, markets, operations, planning)

  21. 21. Smart Grid deployment projects.

  22. 22. Applications of renewable technologies in smart grid.

  23. 23. Smart Grid Efficiency.

For participation to the conference you have to submit your one page abstract to

Systems and Optimization Aspects of 
Smart Grid Challenges
April 28-30 2011